Next Generation 

 Heating Systems 




Faunder stands for highly efficient heating systems and energy solutions. Building on leading technology we create unique value for our customers. Combining industry experience with state of the art research, supports us to be a head of an industry. Customers are the core of our business, fulfilling their needs with dedication, creating meaningful value, making life easier.

 setting a new standard 

 for the energy efficiency 

 of households 



Our products are heating systems used in residential and commercial buildings. These heating systems are the actual devices installed in your buildings service room or basement. Our systems create the heat, which keeps your home warm, and lets you enjoy a warm shower. Through combining our highly efficient heating systems with smart sensors and an intelligent control, we increase comfort and significantly reduce your energy bill.

 highly efficient 

 heating systems 

 for residential 




Customers are the core of our mission. We provide an easy product, which significantly decreases the carbon footprint and energy costs. Private and commercial property owners are our clients. We provide tailored solutions to run their building at the highest energy efficiency.

 starting with 

 heating systems for 

 apartments and 

 single-family houses 



In the first quarter of 2017 we will be on the market. Our first product will be tailored to apartments and single-family houses of 100-150 sqm. We will gradually supply heating systems for larger residences and for commercial and industrial spaces. Due to our development and innovation the value of each system used by our customers will keep increasing through economies of scale, efficiency procedures, and software updates.

 and it just begins 



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